In this section the most common questions that our customers ask us is answered.

Do Petrobon suppliers or producers?

Petrobon, It’s a trading company that concentrates its efforts on the supply of the petrochemical raw materials and polymers. We at PetroBon are looking for facilitation of procurement and distribution of raw material quality, reduces purchase risk, and ultimately increases customer satisfaction.

What products can be supplied through PetroBon?

Petrobon complex is currently able to supply raw materials in five categories of polymer materials, chemicals, petroleum derivatives, hygiene chemicals and fertilizers.

How does Petrobon provide the raw materials needed by its customers?

Petrobon has been very powerful in the raw materials trading debate because of its extensive communication with domestic and foreign manufacturers, traders and craftsmen. Petrobon has been registered in many petrochemicals in the country and it has been possible to buy directly the desired products for export to different countries.

Does PetroBon advise its clients?

The complexities of export and customs laws often confuse buyers and sellers of polymeric and petrochemical raw materials. Petrobon’s powerful experts are capable of providing financial, economic and technical advice free of charge at no cost.

Why buy from Petrobon?

Petrobon Complex has gained a reputation and a special standing among buyers and producers of raw materials, with a 4-year history of its involvement in the polymer and petrochemical raw materials trading. The company’s presence at international exhibitions and events in the polymer, chemical and petrochemical industries has made the complex’s location and its dedicated customer service ever more visible. Since it has a large number of customers in various markets, it purchases bulk polymeric, chemical and petrochemical raw materials and provides its customers with any amount of tonnage requested, at the most competitive  possible price and with the lowest margin of profit.

What is the price query and registration process for petrochemical products?

A variety of ways to inquire about the prices of polymer and petrochemical products have been provided by petrobon trading experts to our customers. Inquiry forms, our contact section, mobile and landline numbers, email addresses and social networks all make it possible for buyers to communicate and price quotes. After you have placed your order, you will receive a price inquiry through Petrochemical for your product and will be credited within 2 hours. If confirmed, before the expiry date, Performa will be issued for your order and the parties will be given final approval.

Is it possible to open an LC to pay for petrochemicals?

No, due to international sanctions, it is currently not possible to open LCs for export transactions. Therefore, all payments will be made in cash and remittances under the specific conditions of each petrochemical. You can contact petrobon experts to find out the payment terms for each petrochemical.

How to have access to product analysis?

Polymeric and petrochemical raw materials are often produced and supplied by several petrochemical complexes, each with their own data and analysis. At Petrobon, we provide our customers with the simplest possible access to their desired product, its related descriptions, and product data and analysis. Simply go to the product’s internal page and click on its manufacturer to view the full product analysis.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Each petrochemical operates under different conditions. The minimum orderable tonnage depends on the conditions stated by the petrochemical. Some petrochemicals do retail and some others sell their products at auction. Petrochemicals do not charge for less than 100 tones. However, the petrobon complex can supply its customers with much more flexible polymeric and petrochemical raw materials.

How is the cargo process?

Depending on the requested country and geographical location, it is possible to transport cargo by land and sea. The buyer can assume the responsibility of transporting and loading or assigning to Petrobon Trading. Due to legal requirements, petrochemicals can only cooperate with specific freight and shipping. That is why we should pay attention to this before announcing the freight name.

How is petrochemical packaging done?

Polymeric, chemical and petrochemical raw materials are available in both liquid and powder modes. Depending on the type of material, the packaging will be in bulk, pallet and jumbo. These packages are made and sold at standard weights.

Customs declaration / cargo carried by which side?

In order for a petrochemical to be able to deliver the desired load to the buyer, it must declare the cargo to the customs. This process is called receiving or declaring a customs declaration. The customs declaration shall specify the product name, cargo volume, etc.

Loading process will take how long?

After paying the full amount of Performa, the loading process begins. On average, this process can take anywhere from two to three weeks (depending on the product). However, petrobon can significantly reduce this time due to its experienced forces.

Does petrobon also sell and deliver behind the customs door?

Yes, After confirming the price of the goods and receiving 2% of the total amount of the program, the goods are packed and transported to the customs door. Thereafter, freight will be released and delivered to the buyer upon full payment of the contract.

Does PetroBon deliver the goods to the destination?

Yes, after confirmation of the price by the buyer, Petrobon receives 20% of the Performa amount and delivers the goods to the customer at the intended destination after receiving the remainder of the contract.

How many commissions does Petrobon receive for freight?

Petrobon generally does not receive separate commissions and fees for freight transportation. Customers can choose the freight of their choice and take charge of the freight movement or petroleum. It should be noted that Petrobon reserves the right to refuse to accept high-risk freight transport.

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