Global Ounce Price Analysis

date: 22 February 2021

Gold and oil price are extremely related. As a result, Petrobon price analysis team provide gold price analysis in order to get a clearer view of oil price

After 100$ reduction in ounce price and reaching to 1750$, It was able to stabilize its trading in the support range of 1770$ on the weekend .in this area, demand for gold increased as the dollar decreased.
Gold could enter the 1,800 $ channel this week, but gold is not expected to break the 1839 $ resistance due to declining deaths because of Corona Virus and a sharp return to pre-corona economies. Gold could rise to 1,810 $ this week and then fall again to Range of 1,800 $.

Global ounce Price Analysis-22 February 2021 |
Global ounce Price Analysis-22 February 2021 |

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