What is acid?

Acids are sour tastes, are corrosive, discolor detectors, and neutralize bases. Acids are substances that have hydrogen in their structure or hydrogens that are replaced by metal ions in reaction with metals.

Acids are chemicals that give off hydrogen ions or protons or absorb electrons. Many acids are chemically bonded to hydrogen atoms, which release cations and anions when separated by water. The higher the concentration of hydrogen ions produced, the more acidic the solution and the lower the pH.

The strength of acids is proportional to the degree to which they dissolve in water and produce ions. Note that do not confuse this concept with the concentration of acids, as the concentration of acids indicates the amount of solute in water. We can have a concentrated solution of weak acid or we can have a dilute solution of strong acid.

Types of acids

Acids are divided into strong and weak acids based on protons. The strength of an acid is checked by its acid dissociation constant. Here we give you a brief explanation of them …

Strong acids

An acid that, when dissolved in a solvent, gives its protons completely to the solvent and is actually completely dissociated is called a strong acid.

Weak acids

An acid that, when dissolved in a solvent, does not give its protons completely solvent and is not completely separated is called a weak acid.

Application of acids

One of the most important compounds used in various industries is acid.

In the following, we will examine some of the uses of acids.

Vinegar is a dilute acidic steak that has many uses in our daily lives and is used in a variety of pickles and foods. Lemon and orange juice contain citric acid, which is one of the carboxylic acids.

Many batteries, including car batteries, use sulfuric acid. In addition, in the industrial production of explosives, dyes, inks and chemical fertilizers are used. Phosphoric acid is also a major ingredient in carbonated beverages.

They often use acids to remove rust and prevent corrosion of metals, which actually act as glazes.

Used as electrolytes in wet cell cells such as sulfuric acid in car batteries.

In the chemical industry, they are used for neutralizing reactions.

To produce salt in chemical reactions

Used in the food industry as a supplement to beverages and foods.

As a preservative in cosmetics and food

Used as industrial and organic chemical catalysts, for example, sulfuric acid is used in gasoline production in large quantities in the alkaline process.

In biochemistry, acids are also used as catalysts for enzymes.

Application and manufacturer of various acids in Iranian manufacturers

They are the main reactants in almost every industry process today. Sulfuric acid (a diprotic acid), which is involved in most chemical production in the industry, is the most widely used acid in the industry. According to data from 2011, sulfuric acid was 200 million tons per year. For example, the mineral phosphate reacts with sulfuric acid to produce phosphate fertilizers and produces phosphoric acid; Purification of the solution is performed by dissolving zinc oxide in sulfuric acid. For example, nitric acid reacts with ammonia to produce ammonium nitrate. Carboxylic acids also react with alcohols to produce esters. In a process known as the pickling process, acids are often used to remove rust and corrosion. Acids are also used as electrolytes in wet cell batteries such as sulfuric acid in car batteries.

Different types of acids are produced in Fanavaran, Razi, Urmia and Biston petrochemicals

Acid prices in Iran

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