PVC-S manufacturers:

The largest share of production in the world is in the Asia-Pacific region, dominated by China, India, Japan and South Korea. North America, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East are next, with major PVC producers. In the Middle East, Iran is the leading producer of this material. The largest S-PVC manufacturers:
Bandar Emma
What is S-PVC Suspension Polyvinyl Chloride
The two main categories of PVCs are S – PVC ie polyvinyl chloride suspension and E – PVC ie polyvinyl chloride pvc emulsion (PVC-E). There are other methods of producing PVC that are not considered commercially, such as micro-suspension and bulk, but the main use in industry is the E-PVC and S-PVC varieties. S-PVC consists of much larger particles than E-PVC.

S-PVC – Suspension Polyvinyl Chloride:

Suspension PVC resin is a polymer produced from vinyl chloride monomer. At normal temperatures and pressures, PVC suspension resin is an odorless solid white powder. Suspension PVC resin can be produced by polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer. Monomer, water and suspending additives are fed into a polymerization reactor and agitated at high speeds to form small vinyl chloride monomer droplets. After adding an initiator, vinyl chloride monomer droplets are polymerized into PVC Suspension Resin under controlled pressures and temperatures.
After polymerization is complete, the final slurry is stripped of unreacted vinyl chloride monomer, excess water is removed, and the solid is dried to form the final product. PVC Suspension Resin contains less than 5 parts per million residual vinyl chloride monomer. The average particle size is 150-100 micrometers. PVCs produced in this way have many softener absorption properties for flexible products. PVC-S resin can be used both dry (rigid PVC or U-PVC) and with a softening oil (plasticizer). The presence of voids allows better absorption when using a plasticizer in the formulation and prevents kneading of the resin.
In addition, the presence of vinyl alcohol varnish around the resin makes it difficult to form and cook PVC, called fusion.
For this reason, since this resin is difficult to process, special equipment is needed as well as melting the particles with very high pressure in order to prepare the desired product, create a one-piece melt and ensure good cooking.
To prepare a product from this type of PVC, first a mixer (a slow speed mixer or a fast speed mixer (turbo mixer) is used depending on the additives and formulation) and then a single screw or twin screw extruder (extruder, pipes, window profiles, hoses, granules) etc.), injection molding machine (used to produce parts such as injection machine, fittings, shoe soles, car parts, etc.) or calender (calender machine is a series commonly used for making films and films) It is necessary to use a device for processing and shaping, such as a cylinder.

PVC-S usage areas:

PVC-S’s many properties make it ideal for a variety of applications. It is biologically and chemically stable and can be made softer and more pliable by adding plasticizers. S-PVC is one of the most common plastics. It is used in the manufacture of various films, including profile, siding, cable compounds, sheets, pipes, stretch ceiling films, artificial leather, polyvinyl chloride fiber, plastic compounds, polyvinyl chloride foam, shoemaking.

PVC-S types:

Each type of PVC is divided into different types in terms of degree of polymerization and chain length. In industry, the K value parameter, which indicates the degree of polymerization of PVC, is used, and the higher this number, the longer the PVC chain. For example, PVC resin with PVC-S 57 value has a shorter chain length than PVC-S 70 resin.
It should be noted that PVC-S 65 has the highest consumption among all PVCs. This type of PVC has both acceptable process properties and good mechanical properties, and this type of PVC suspension is often used in industry.

Petrobon Company:

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Now Petrobon Company is honored to cooperate with a wide range of polymer raw material manufacturers to offer these products to our valued customers in this region. As Petrobon Company, we are trying to offer petrochemical products in Iran with the best quality, the widest variety and the most affordable prices to our valued customers.