Prilled Urea 46%

Prilled Urea 46%
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Prilled Urea 46%

Prilled Urea 46% Shiraz pc
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Peril urea fertilizer:

Chemical fertilizers are divided into different types based on ingredients (mainly nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and the purpose of adding them to the soil can be compensated for the lack of element needed for plant growth. Choosing the right chemical fertilizer requires knowing the characteristics and properties of the soil, this recognition is usually done by sampling the soil and determining important parameters such as pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and Etc.

Pure urea fertilizer is a type of chemical fertilizer and a subset of chemicals.

Nitrogen is the main ingredient of nitrogen fertilizers and one of the main elements of plant growth and development. Urea fertilizer contains 46% nitrogen and is known as a rich source of this element, its appearance is white crystal and is composed of ammonia and carbon dioxide.

All plants need nitrogen, a substance that helps plant leaf formation and protein formation, and affects chlorophyll production. Nitrogen is present in the air but plants are unable to absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere. Urea quickly affects plants. These fertilizers have a high solubility. Therefore, in addition to soil, they can be absorbed through the foliage of the plant, but to increase the amount of nitrogen uptake, the method of injection into the soil is more recommended.

Urea chemical fertilizer:

Urea chemical fertilizer, as its name implies, is obtained from a special chemical formula in the laboratory. This very useful fertilizer, which is produced in the form of snow-white crystal balls, is in fact an organic compound.

Production of Peril urea fertilizer:

Increasing the population and stability of agricultural resources has made the need to increase the production of agricultural products inevitable, so due to the efficiency of chemical fertilizers and the positive effect on increasing production, the proper use of chemical fertilizers is important. Urea fertilizer is one of the most widely used and cheapest nitrogen fertilizers in the category of petrochemical products, which is obtained by combining carbon dioxide with ammonia, and today in most countries of the world, it is mentioned as one of the basic needs in agriculture. Urea fertilizer, also known as 46% fertilizer, is marketed in the form of spherical granules (ball-like) and is usually found in two forms, granular and peril.

Peril urea fertilizer 46%:

Pure urea fertilizer, also known as sugar fertilizer, has a grain size of 1 to 2.4 mm and is smaller than the granular sample. Peril urea fertilizer is softer and less resistant than granular samples, but there is not much difference between them in terms of percentage of nitrogen and other chemical properties.

Analysis of urea fertilizer:

Peril urea fertilizer 46%-

What is urea fertilizer or nitrogen fertilizer made from?

Urea fertilizer, the main composition of which is urea, must first be prepared in the form of urea granules. Urea granules are a viscous substance that has better resistance to air humidity and is also larger in size. Therefore, researchers have found that extracting urea chemical fertilizer from urea granules will have better results. In fact, the particle size in urea granular type is narrower than its peril type, which makes it easier to disperse and disperse. In fact, the process of production and ultimately absorption by the plant in this form and type is easier and more practical.

Uses of urea

growing plants and vegetables:

  • A variety of flowers and ornamental plants
  • apartment flowers
  • Gardens
  • vegetables
  • farms Grasslands and so on

Advantages of using urea fertilizer:

1- Production of high amounts of nitrogen for the plant and high yield compared to other artichoke fertilizers along with cost-effective.

  1. Storage due to lack of fire and explosion

3- Possibility of using as a spray and injection into the soil

4- Possibility of combination with other fertilizers (with ammonia phosphate, diammonium phosphate, superphosphates)

5- For cases where the soil is acidic, the use of this fertilizer is recommended.

How to use urea fertilizer:

When urea is deposited on the soil surface, it is converted to ammonium bicarbonate by a chemical process. Ammonium turns into a gas, if it is not protected, it will be destroyed.

This means that for maximum efficiency of this fertilizer, it must be mixed with soil. Of course, this problem does not arise in the method of spraying on leaves. There are two ways to achieve this goal: either urea must be spread on the soil surface and then immediately plowed well, or urea must be injected directly into the soil.

In the second method, urea can be spread on the soil surface and then with a heavy irrigation, the dissolved urea can be directed to the lower parts of the soil.

Manufacturers of Urea Peril Fertilizer:

The raw material of urea fertilizer is produced in Iran in Pardis Petrochemical. It is very difficult to buy directly from another country, and it is better to leave all the purchasing work to reputable service and commercial companies.

Price of urea fertilizer:

In order to receive the table of types and price list of Peril urea fertilizer and buy it, you can contact the experts of the petrochemical raw materials sales department of Petrobon Company. You can also see the latest price of Peril urea fertilizer in the price chart listed on the product page.

In this article, we tried to introduce urea fertilizer and its properties. And we named its producer. You can refer to the website of Petrobon Trading Company to know the purchase price of raw materials and see the weekly price change of each product in a graph. We hope you find this article interesting and useful.